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House on Awaji Island


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“Light changes infinitely like words. In the infinite richness, light is a symbol of Nature.” The site is located in the northwest of Awaji Island. In front lies the Seto Inland Sea and behind are the Shionaru mountains. It's just atop a hill known for its great natural beauty. However, it faces a sheer cliff and the distance from the front road to the view of the inland sea is short. In thinking about how to design access to the ocean within a short distance, I conceive of the space that the symbol of nature light wraps several times over. The folds in the light let guests awaken the feeling like they are going deeper and deeper. The first fold of light you encounter is the front porch where light is controlled by slits. It's a prelude space for entering the heart.

所在地:兵庫県淡路市 用途:住宅 構造:木造 敷地面積:157.85㎡ 延べ面積:52.99㎡ 照明計画:Durandal 石堂伸悟 撮影:笹の倉舎 笹倉洋平

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