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Attic in Saidera


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This interior is in the attic of the main residence with the "Hanare in Saidera". We renovated it from a storeroom to a guest room. To take advantage of the ceiling frame and the existing roof beam, we designed a room having a circular aisle by separating each spacial element by curtains and making a partition in the center of the room along the ridge beam. By combining an old large oblong chest and Japanese drawers in the modernly designed room, the interior becomes merged between Japanese and Western styles. In addition, the back side, separated by a curtain, became a storeroom. The opening portion, both stile and frame and all the invisible details, has become a picture window overlooking the garden and Hanare.

所在地:大阪 用途:ゲストルーム 構造:木造 敷地面積:約2000㎡ 延べ面積:66.24㎡ 施工:株式会社川上材木店 照明計画:Durandal 石堂伸悟 撮影:笹の倉舎 笹倉洋平

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